Designer inspired handbags - hobo handbags, quilted handbags, satchel handbags and more

Shop for designer inspired handbags including clutches, hobo handbags, quilted handbags, satchel handbags, tote bags, celebrity style purses and more. Designer inspired handbags or as some people refer to them as celebrity style handbags are for those of us who maybe can't quite afford to pay the high prices for a designer handbag but are able to afford these prices. These aren't inferior looking bags, they're very well made, just not made by a famous person. These are high quality original bags at an affordable cost. For quite a lower price you're able to have a bag similar to the top name designer handbags and bags you see your favorite celebrity pictured with in magazines or TV. Most of us love having different color or style handbags to compliment our wardrobes. A white or light tan handbag is always a good choice for Spring and Summer. Black or brown bag for Fall and Winter. A black clutch or evening bag to match with dressier clothes won't ever go out of style. With the money we'll save, we can have several types of handbags. Of course, if you can afford more, go for it.