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Holiday gifts

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Baby's 1st Christmas - Boy

This sweet white teddy bear in a stocking with a candy cane and the heart permanently says BABY'S 1ST CHRISTMAS ON IT makes a lovely gift for a new bundle of boy.

Baby's 1st Christmas - Girl

Your sweet little baby girl all ribbons and curls will love this ornament just for her with a teddy bear and BABY'S 1ST CHRISTMAS permanently on the hanging heart.

Baby Bear on Moon Blue

This sweet little sleeping teddy bear in blue polka dotted pajamas is asleep on a glittery moon just like your angelic new bundle of boy.

Baby's First Christmas Boy Bear

This teddy bear looks plush enough to hug, but he celebrates Baby's First Christmas with a package tied with a big bow.

Baby's First Christmas Girl Bear

This personalized teddy bear ornament commemorates Baby's First Christmas for a new baby girl.

We're Pregnant Couple

This ornament permanently has Baby and an arrow on the female and Beer and an arrow on the male and is a funny gift for an expecting couple with a sense of humor.

Baby in Blue Stocking Cap/1st Christmas

He is such a dear and wonderful gift of life.

Baby in Pink Stocking Cap/1st Christmas

This snowbaby makes the perfect gift for a precious new baby girl.

Baby Bear on Moon Pink

Wearing her pink polka dotted pajamas, this baby girl teddy bear sleeps cradled in the moon, looking like a little angel princess.

Grandma's First Christmas Boy

A first time grandma, she is proud as a peacock of her new baby boy.


Baby's 1st Christmas Bear - Blue

This Teddy Bear brings a smile and a candy cane to the special new baby boy in your life. A sweet ornament for your new son, grandson, nephew or friend's baby! Made of resin.

Baby's 1st Christmas Bear - Pink

Baby bear is pretty in pink with her glittery scarf, flower in her hair and pink striped candy cane. Whether for you own daughter, your granddaughter, niece, or friend's baby, our resin Baby's First Christmas Bear ornament will become a cherished keepsake!


Baby's First Christmas

It is Baby's 1st Christmas and what better gift than to get an ornament celebrating this special time. Baby's 1st Christmas is permanently on this ornament.

Baby's First Christmas Teddy Bear - Girl

A little baby girl is a princess and this ornament is as cute as she is. Baby's 1st Christmas is permanently on this ornament.

Baby's First Christmas Teddy Bear - Boy

Baby's 1st Christmas is permanently on this ornament that will be a beautiful addition to your tree for your new bundle of boy.


Baby's 1st Christmas Buggy Boy

The earliest pram was designed by William Kent in 1733 but it took almost 100 years to gain popularity enough for Queen Victoria to order some made for herself.

Baby's 1st Christmas Buggy Girl

By the 1920s baby carriages were available to all families and allowed you to easily transport baby from place to place and the child could nap in it on day outings, freeing up a mother's arms.


Baby Bear on Moon Blue

This sweet little baby ornament is perfect for your little angelic boy who is such a snuggle bear when he is sleeping, and you would give him the moon and the stars.

Baby Bear on Moon Pink

Your sweet little booboo bear is adorable when she is sleeping and this precious moon glass ball is a wonderful addition to your tree for a new baby girl.


Baby's First Christmas

Baby's 1st Christmas is a special occasion and one that you will remember for your lifetime with your baby being the greatest Christmas gift of all time.


Baby's First Christmas Teddy Bear - Girl

A new little baby girl to love in your family is a wonderful Christmas gift and this teddy bear is a cute commemoration of her first Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas Teddy Bear - Boy

The first teddy bear that your new baby boy receives is one that he will cherish for the rest of his life just like this ornament for his 1st Christmas.


Expecting Parents

They are busy decorating the nursery and adjusting their lives, anxiously waiting for their new arrival.

Dress Up Baby Girl

She loves to wear mommy's clothes and jewelry, and really thinks she is a princess.

New Baby Boy Bear

Our plush little blue bear announces the birth of a new baby boy that makes a fun display in baby's nursery.


Baby's First Steps Ethnic Girl

She is gaining some independence now that she is taking her first steps and moving up from the crawling phase into toddling about the house.


She is crafty with a needle and thread giving homemade projects as gifts year round.

Grandma's 1st Christmas - Baby Boy

Every time a baby is born, so is a grandma, and she is so excited to have a little grandson in her life to love and cherish.

Grandma's 1st Christmas - Baby Girl

Now that your little girl has finally arrived, your mother is a grandma for the first time. Celebrate this joyous occasion with her.


Baby on Cloud Blue

Your new baby boy is so angelic he could practically sleep on the clouds.


Snow Baby 1st Christmas Boy
This snowman baby is ready to celebrate his first Christmas by bundling up in hat, scarf and mittens.

Baby Sports Fan Boy

You know he will grow up to be a baseball lover like his father!


Expecting Family of 3

They know what to expect now that they are pregnant with their second addition!

Moon Baby Boy

He is a gift sent from heaven above.

Moon Baby Girl

This heavenly little bear takes a snooze on the moon.