Aquariums, aquarium plants, tropical fish, fish food and other aquarium supplies

Aquariums, aquarium plants, tropical fish, fish food, other aquarium supplies and everything needed to have a happy home for your tropical fish can be found below. We've had two aquariums of fish for quite some time. One aquarium has a black angel fish, (who's blind in one eye) a school of cardinals, a couple of bronze catfish, four marble hatchet fish and a honey gourami. The other aquarium has a Ryukin fantail goldfish and a Shubunkin goldfish. Both tanks have live aquarium plants too. Most all of us probably when we were little had a few goldfish or maybe even a betta fish in a samll fish bowl.

Am definitely not an expert but after you've learned a bit about what's involved to have a healthy aquarium, you'll find your fish can live to be quite old. We have several geezer fish. My words of advice to you: Water Quality, Water Quality, Water Quality. You should try to read as much as possible about your hobby and learn from the experts. Always try to maintain a healthy aquarium instead of relying on medications when there is a problem. If you have any hatchet fish, while dropping fish food or anything else where the top is open, maintain a suicide watch. Hatchet fish are jumpers, so keep an eye on them or you'll find them on the floor. One tip if you have any goldfish. Try to feed them small amounts of food at a time because they can tend to eat too much too fast and make themselves sick. The only other suggestion is really just common sense. Make sure you have fish that are compatible with each other. You can save with coupons, free shipping offers, promotional codes, sales and other savings included with the store descriptions.

Big Al's Aquarium Services, Ltd. Big Al's Pet and Aquarium Supplies In business for over 40 years, they have a chain of 14 stores across Canada. In 1999 they edtablished their online site. They currently offer over 11,000 aquatic products from over 100 manufacturers. Their selection includes water conditioners and other additives aeration equipment, algae control products, aquariums and furniture, decorations for aquariums, educational material, filters, fish food and feeding equipment, medications and supplements for fish, aquarium lighting, plant care products, water pumps, water testing equipment and many other products for your fish and aquariums. If any of you have a pond, they have pond supplies, too.

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Featuring Clownfish Saltwaterfish is your complete source for saltwater fish and marine life. Their selection includes a large variety of saltwater fish, corals, invertebrates, reef packages, live rock and sand, aquariums and aquarium supplies.

Pets Warehouse is one of the top pet retailers offering a wide selection of pets supplies. Since 1974 their customers have known and trusted them. I've included them on the Pet Stores page but wanted to feature their aquariums, aquarium plants, tropical fish, fish food and other aquarium supplies on this page as well since they have such a large selection of these products. They maintain a huge fish warehouse with over 30,000 gallons of aquariums and directly import aquatic plants, corals and fish. Below are some of the products you'll be able to find at their site.

Aquariums: acrylic aquariums, all glass aquariums, betta bowls and tanks, plastic fish bowls, bowfront aquariums, corner tanks, cube tanks, hexagon tanks, novelty aquariums, reef aquariums, table aquariums, aquarium silicon, aquarium starter kits, aquarium stands, cabinet stands, glass covers and canopies.

Aquarium supplies: air pumps, air stones, air tubing, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, aquarium lighting, aquarium ornaments, aquarium test kits, aquarium thermometers, aquatic plants, fish medications, fish nets, fish vitamins, gravel, inverts, live rock, plant supplies, powerheads, protein skimmers, reef corals, substrates, water conditioners and other aquarium supplies.

Fish food include: fish food flakes, freeze-dried fish food, frozen fish food, fish food pellets, medicated fish food, fish food especially made for specific breeds of fish, automatic fish feeders, vacation feeders and other aquarium fish foods. Spirulina flake is a popular fish food and I know from my own fish that another tropical fish food favorite is brine shrimp. We like to vary the fish food and our fish seem to thank us for it. I guess fish get tired of eating the same old thing all the time, too.

Tropical fish - very large selection of tropical freshwater fish and marine fish. Here's a small sampling of some of the fish you can find: algae eaters, angel fish, barbs, cardinals, catfish, cichlids, cory cats, danios, gouramis, guppies, loaches, mollies, platies, plecos, swords, tetras, zebras and many more.

Here's a page where I've featured Pets Warehouse pet products as well as any coupons, free shipping offers, sales and other savings for them.