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Hummingbirds are something I'd never seen until a few years ago. Having seen the movie "The Birds", I never thought I'd ever have a bird feeder anywhere near me. Now, I try everything to attract the little fellas. We have agastache plants, a butterfly bush, bee balm, cardinal climber plants, black and blue salvia, verbena and other flowers in our garden to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. We, also have hummingbird feeders, too. Here's a picture of a hummingbird from our front yard. Different species live in different states so they may look different than the birds you see. Ruby-throated hummingbirds and Rufous are the types we have where we live.

Hummingbird looking up

I'll share with you a little bit about what I've learned about these speedy little birds. Yeap, they really are very fast and quite teeny, especially their little legs and feet. I love the little noises you hear from them, too. Their diet consists of soft insects and spiders and they maintain their metabolism from the nectar in flowers and sugar water in the hummingbird feeders. Sugar water recipe is simply one part granulated white sugar to four parts water. The feeder should be changed every 3 days or so, more when the weather's hot. We think they must be watching us because as soon as we place the new mixture outside, may only take a minute before it has attracted one. Must be really tasty to them when is first made. This may sound silly but they appear to be very much creatures of habit. You can usually spot them within a few minutes at the same time each day.

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