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SanitaireA(R) SP200 Vacuum Bags (5 Pack)

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SanitaireA(R) SP200 Vacuum Bags (5 Pack) Fits SanitaireA(R) SP6950 and SP6952. Replace every 1-2 months. These SanitaireA(R) SP200 Bags fit SanitaireA(R) SP6950 and SP6952. Each package includes 5 vacuum bags, which filter dust particles and allergens and feature a unique closure that prevents dust escape. For optimum performance, it is suggested to change your bag every 1-2 months! By retaining dust, pollen and other particulates and allergens from the air while you vacuum, these vacuum bags make the air in your home or business cleaner and more breathable. Purchase a pack for your vacuum cleaner today!