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Shaving bearMen's skin care and shaving products are featured below. Sorry to say, but it's a fact - as we age we start to get those little brown spots, little fine lines and yeap...that dreaded word: wrinkles, especially around our eyes and mouths. Some of this is due to natural aging and some is just from the beating our poor skins take. Guys really aren't that much different than women when it comes to caring about how they look. They like to have nice hair and skin, they just may not talk about it.

There are a few things you can do to minimize damage to your skin such as avoiding drinking, drugs and highly processed food. A healthy diet and exercise will not only help you feel well but help you to look good as well. Nice looking, healthy hair can be achieved by a good quality brush and comb, the proper conditioner and shampoo for your hair style and type of hair and of course a healthy diet. Products to help with all of this such as aftershave products, anti-aging mositurizer, exfoliating face scrub, lip balm, organic soaps, shaving brushes, shaving kits, shaving mugs, shaving soap, shaving stands, safety razors, straight razors and other men's skin care and grooming products can be found below. You can save with coupons, free shipping offers, promotional codes, sales and other savings included with the store descriptions.

Amazing Shaving offers their visitors men's shaving products that include aftershave products, shaving brushes, shaving kits, shaving mugs, shaving soap, shaving stands, safety razors, straight razors and other men's grooming products. They only ship in the United States. I've featured their products and any savings available for them below.

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Giesen & Forsthoff Straight Razor - 5/8" with Black Handle
Price: $82.50
Generations of quality are the hallmark of Giesen & Forsthoff blades. This affordable 5/8" straight razor features a carbon steel blade and a dura [more info..]

Merkur Travel Razor with Teeth
Price: $50.00
No need to look road-weary. Enjoy your signature close shave on the road with this high-quality Merkur razor with teeth. Ideal for men with thick hair [more info..]

Razor Blades Merkur - Moustache & Eyebrow
Price: $4.25
Package of 10 replacement blades for Merkur's Moustache & Eyebrow razors (also available). Tapered blade easily provides expert trimming. High-qua [more info..]

Merkur Standard Safety Razor
Price: $40.00
Enjoy the quality of a Merkur safety razor in a sturdy, attractive bar-chrome finish. This razor features a 3" handle and uses standard double-edged r [more info..]

Merkur Chrome Bar Heavy Duty Safety Razor
Price: $57.50
A classic Merkur chrome-bar razor, this product shaves close without causing razor burn. Bar razors are excellent for men with tough or heavy beard gr [more info..]

Merkur Brushed-chrome Double-track Razor
Price: $60.00
Soft brushed chrome handle offers low-key elegance in a top-quality safety razor from Merkur. Slide on "track 2" style blades or use the included adap [more info..]

Merkur Gold-plated Double-track Razor
Price: $71.00
The sleek gold-plated handle on this beautiful top-quality Merkur safety razor will give you pleasure every morning, not to mention a smooth, close sh [more info..]

Merkur Chrome Moustache & Eyebrow Razor
Price: $32.50
The tapered blade on this high-quality safety razor makes it easy to expertly trim your moustache and eyebrows. You will easily be able to access thos [more info..]

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor
Price: $183.00
An instant classic, the Vision razor was well worth the years of research behind its unique design. Featuring Merkur's unique adjustable head, the raz [more info..]

Merkur Travel Safety Razor with Bar
Price: $51.00
Don't leave home without this classic, collapsible Merkur razor with a bar. Enjoy your signature close shave anywhere you find yourself. Chrome razor [more info..]
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