Clip on chandelier earrings, button, hoop and other clip earrings

Shop for clip on chandelier earrings, button, dangle, hoop and other clip earrings featured below. Most women probably do have pierced ears but some like myself don't. When I was young my Mom was against doing so and then not really sure why I never had them pierced when I got older. Back when I was younger there wasn't much of a selection of clip earrings but now I've been able to find quite a large selection online. There are clip on earrings in both white and yellow gold, both gold tone and silver tone as well as sterling silver. Some have genunine gemstones, others have faux pearls, crystals or cubic zirconia in a variety of different styles. My personal favorite are chandelier earrings but I've featured other designs, as well. You can also purchase clip earring converters. Sometimes you might find a pair of pierced earrings you really love that don't have a clip on earring option, clip earring converters is the solution for that.