Anti-spyware, anti-virus and other internet security software

Anti-spyware, anti-virus and other internet security software to protect your computer are featured below as well as personal firewalls, anti - phishing software and anti-spam software. All of these are things you should consider if you have a computer. If you're like most of us, I'm sure you're concerned about internet security and your privacy. Internet security tools help fight this problem. I've provided some descriptions explaining these threats and how they can happen to your computer.

iolo technologies iolo technologies, LLC develops patented technology and award-winning software that optimizes, protects and repairs computers and digital devices, enabling users to enjoy their full computing potential by keeping their devices running fast and reliably. They have a global sales presence in 33 countries and products in 11 languages. Millions of people have used their products for their data recovery, PC optimization and security needs since 1998. Today, iolo is widely recognized by both consumers and industry experts as a worldwide leader in the system utility software market. Their product line, distinguished by its flagship performance optimization suite System Mechanic® is sold through more than 23,000 retail stores around the world and its software can also be purchased from leading major e-tailers, as well as a multitude of domestic and international distributors and resellers. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, iolo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Their products:

System Mechanic® is an award-winning performance optimization suite that incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending innovations designed to fix, speed up and maintain computers so they run like new. Currently the top selling product of its kind in the US, Canada, UK, France, and the Benelux region according to NPD and similar sources, System Mechanic® has been used by more than 40 million consumers worldwide since 1998 to keep an estimated 75 million computers operating at peak performance.

System Mechanic Professional® is an all-in-one suite of award-winning performance optimization and security tools that keeps computers at peak operating condition. In addition to System Mechanic, the Professional version includes System Shield, iolo’s certified antivirus and antispyware solution; Search and Recover, an intelligent data recovery program; and DriveScrubber, a secure data removal program.

System Mechanic Business™ is a version of iolo’s flagship System Mechanic software geared for small businesses with volume-pricing and network friendly options.

DriveScrubber® is a top selling tool for securely removing data from hard drives, USB drives, and other digital storage media. Using military-grade algorithms, DriveScrubber prevents loss of valuable and sensitive information when PCs are sold, donated, recycled, or reassigned.

Search and Recover™ is a powerful data recovery tool designed to retrieve accidentally deleted files, photos, documents, music, videos, and email messages from hard drives, memory storage cards, and portable devices.

System Shield® uses a high-performance real-time anti-malware engine to protect PCs from viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, and other malicious software.

A little information about internet security terms:
Adware - like spyware, usually includes code that tracks a user's personal information and passes it on to third parties, without the user's authorization or knowledge.
Phishing - e-mail fraud where perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking e-mails that appear to come from well known and trustworthy web sites in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipient.
Spam - unsolicited e-mail on the internet.
Spyware - any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge. On the internet it is programming put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about them and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties.
Trojan - type of computer virus disguised as a program. Person may download a program thinking it may be of some use; but once program is opened (or run), it releases a virus that erases their hard drive or wreaks havoc on their system.
Virus - program or programming code that replicates by being copied or initiating its copying to another program, computer boot sector or document. Can be transmitted as attachments to e-mail or in a downloaded file, or be present on a diskette or CD.
Worm - self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory and duplicates itself. It can slow down your computer or stop certain tasks from being done.

Trend Micro Home & Home Office Trend Micro, Inc. - a global leader in network antivirus and internet content security software and services. They provide comprehensive protection against viruses, hackers, spyware and spam for your home and small office. New and enhanced features include: virus defense, personal firewall, enhanced spam filtering, spyware removal, anti-phishing, wi-fi wireless patrol, home network control and vulnerability check.