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Other than paint by number kits, the most time consuming craft project I've done has been a Christmas village. I made a small church, some fence and two farm houses with craft sticks, glue gun and acrylic paints. A minister, his wife and two sets of farm couples were made with clothespins, fabric, felt and yarn.

Added from my Nanna's childhood was a stagecoach, passengers and horses (Had to repair the axle of the stagecoach with a craft stick) and what we named "The sitt'n around doin nothin people." (They're made of metal and are in a sitting position.) There's a wishing well and a few other wooden pieces. Of course, it has a little pond (mirror) and miniature trees. Through the years I've added lots of miniature animals, bales of hay, bags of flour and coffee, a basket of eggs, milk bottles, etc. In the real snowy part of the village are little teddy bears skiing. They're just Teddy Grahams cookies with toothpick pieces for skiis and ski poles that are glued to them.

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