Collectible teddy bears, teddy bear theme products and other teddy bears

Collectible teddy bears, teddy bear theme products and other teddy bears are featured below. You've probably guessed that I like teddy bears by now. My teddy bear collection consists of a few limited edition teddy bears, a few other collectible teddy bears but most of them are just regular ole teddy bears that special people in my life have given me. Although, there's no such thing as just a regular teddy bear, each seems to have their own personality. I have quite a variety of teddy bears including big teddy bears, crystal teddy bears, some bears that have been handmade, mohair teddy bears, resin teddy bears, real teeny and even wooden teddy bears, teddy bears wearing glasses and, yeap ...... several purple teddy bears. Below you can shop for alpaca teddy bears, Bearington bears, Boyds bears, Cherished Teddies teddy bears, Gund bears, Steiff teddy bears, Swarovski crystal bear figurines, Ty Beanie Babies bears and quite a few regular ole cute teddy bears.

If you'd like to see them I've included below some Photos of my teddy bears Definitely not all of them, but thought I'd share some with you.
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Photos of my teddy bears

Tedward bear Raike bear Muffy bear
April bear Benjamin bear Cream bears
Cherished teddies 911 bear Cherished teddies
Bridesmid bear Bride and groom bear Mother of the bride beaar
Black bears Purple bears Brand name bears
Dark brown bear Loved bear Light brown beqr
Basket of bears Boo bear Bear cookie jar and other jars

Only a few of my bears are collectible teddy bears, majority are just cute teddy bears people have given me. First photo is Tedward Jonathon Bearkin, he's a Gorham bear made by teddy bear artist Beverly Port. Second is Playtime Cookie by Raikes. Raikes Bears are mohair bears with a hand carved face and wooden paw pads. Most are limited edition collectible teddy bears. Next is Jacob, a Vermont Teddy Bear. Muffy VanderBear is sitting with him.

April is an adorable bear given to me shortly after my Mom passed away. My niece spotted her and thought seeing her would make me smile. Benjamin is the fella in the peach overalls. Next to him are my cream colored bears and Itty Bitty. They're all Russ bears. The little guy with his arm in a sling came from a hospital gift shop when my Mom was very sick. The nurses fell in love with him. When my Mom wasn't in her room nurses would tuck the little fella under the sheets with his head resting on the pillow. He gave people a lot of smiles. I have quite a few Cherished Teddies and there's a 911 fireman teddy bear figurine from the Hamilton collection.

She's not pictured but I thought Tedward needed a friend so I made a friend bear for him named Kaitlin Victoria. Then I really got silly and made a bridal party of bears. Pictured are Mother of the bride, Mama Violet bear, Maid of Honor Amanda Lea bear, (Ashlea's younger sister) and the bears in love are Ashlea Pearl, the bride bear and Cody Christopher, the groom bear. Other photos are my black bears, brown bears and a few of my purple bears. I have bears from companies (Coca Cola, Del Monte, Motts, Nabisco and the Snuggles bear)

You are Loved bear sits on a rocking chair, the skeleton bear is Boo bear. Some Boyds Bears, Gund, Ty and other bears are in a wicker basket. Also pictured are my ceramic cookie jar bear and some other bears I have around the house. All bears not already named are named after the person who gave me the bear and as I said most of my bears have been given to me, which makes them special bears to me. These are just some of my bears but hope you enjoyed looking at them.

Bear paw

Kathy (Purplebear)