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Bulb Center helps their customers choose the most efficient lighting to suit their specific needs. You can find compact fluorescent light bulbs, colored bulbs, decorative bulbs, halogen, high pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor, incandescent, LED and other light bulbs. Some of the brands include Bulbrite, EIKO, GE, Philips, Sylvania and others.

Light bulbA little information about different light bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs help the environment. They've been around for a while but have been growing in popularity. They come in many shapes and sizes. They do initially cost a bit more than an incandescent light bulb but they're about four times as efficient and will last much longer. They can last up to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They use much less energy and produce much less heat. I'm using one in the lamp on my desk.

Halogen light bulbs are a white, intense, extremely bright light bulb. Also, a very compact beam spread. They're an excellent choice for lighting pictures or any type of accent lighting. Also, a good choice for undercabinet lighting. More and more people are using low voltage halogen lighting for their general usage today. It's a bit more expensive, but has become very popular. Caution should always be used when handling halogen bulbs because they get extremely hot. They should be turned off and allowed to cool before ever touching. MR8, MR11 and MR16 light bulbs - low voltage halogen light bulbs. Halogen PAR flood light bulbs - 14, 16, 20, 30 and 38 are high voltage halogen light bulbs.

High pressure sodium light bulbs and metal halide light bulbs are in the category of high intensity discharge lamps. Both are used in a lot of commercial indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Metal halide light bulbs give off a brighter white light. High pressure sodium light bulbs give off a softer yellow - orange light. It's an economical method of lighting because you get more illumination from them at lesser wattages than incandescent lighting. They're also used for residential outdoor lighting. We have a high pressure sodium light for the back of our house.

Incandescent light bulbs - A19 incandescent bulbs are your standard light bulb. Others are candelabra base bulbs which are used for chandeliers. Round bulbs are a G configuration that come in small and medium base. Incandescent flood bulbs are a R or BR configuration. R 20, 30 and 40

Reflector floods - indoor flood bulbs used primarily for recessed lighting.