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You can shop for pet care, pet food, pet grooming and other pet supplies below. You can save with coupons, free shipping offers, promotional codes, sales and other savings included with the store descriptions. I've had most every type of pet including, birds, a cat, dogs, a lot of fish, lot of gerbils (they multiply like rabbits), a rabbit, and turtles. Always loved horses but never had one. I seem to have a soft spot for all critters. Both my Mom and Nanna were always taking care of orphaned birds or animals that had been hurt, so guess it must just be in the genes.

Pet items you can find are pet apparel, pet beds, carriers, pet collars, dental hygiene products, electronic training products, flea and tick products, pet food, pet grooming products, id tags for your pet, indoor and outdoor cleanup products, leashes, pet medication arthritis and joint supplements, sking and coat supplements and other nutritional supplements and vitamins, odor control products, pet toys, pet treats and other pet supplies for birds, cats, chinchillas, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, hermit crabs, horses, mice, prairie dogs, rabbits, rats, snakes, turtles and other pets.

Entirely pets - pet supplies Entirely Pets offers pet care products that include dental products, ear and eye products, flea and tick products, prescription and non prescription pet medicine, pet food, pet shampoos and sprays, arthritis and joint supplements, nutritional supplements, skin/coat supplements, toys for cats and dogs, vitamins for pets and other pet supplies. International delivery is available.

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Pets Warehouse - pet supplies Pets Warehouse Everything can be found at Pets Warehouse. They've been in the pet industry since 1974 and have over 40,000 aquarium and pet supplies at low prices. They have pet care for birds, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles and small animals. Products include bedding, bird cages, books on pets, collars, feeders, habitats, harnesses, dog houses, litter pans, medications for pets, pet clothing, pet food, pet grooming products, supplements for pets, pet treats, toys for pets, training aids, vitamins and other pet supplies. They do ship products internationally but see site for details.