Gardening problem solvers, animal repellents, gardening tips, pest control, sonic mole chaser, squirrel proof bird feeders. Composting for beginners, learn about plant diseases teddy bear graphic.

Gardening problem solvers, animal repellents, gardening tips, pest control


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Gardening problem solvers, animal repellents, gardening tips, pest control

Purplebear's Shop N Earn - Gardening problem solvers, animal repellents, gardening tips, pest control teddy bear graphic.Having a garden often usually means needing gardening tips, finding gardening problem solvers, finding the best animal repellents and getting answers to other pest control problems. You can learn all about composting, solving problem of plants being eaten by animals or insects, learn all about plant diseases, ways to keep your plants healthy, how to fend off squirrels with squirrel proof bird feeders, pruning tips, information about roses and other gardening help.
  • Composting - has a large variety of worm composters, garden composters and aeration composters. Their site has a good article giving reasons on why to compost, how long it takes, containers and ingredients used, getting the balance right, moisture and air speed decomposition, using your compost and tips and troubleshooting.
  • Pest control - I love animals and hate to refer to them this way, but even the cutest animal at times can be a pest. Are you having a problem with birds, cats, deer, dogs, grubs, rabbits, slugs, snails or other critters and insects in your garden? I know they don't really mean to cause problems and are just doing what comes natural to them, but sometimes they do become a problem. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as having squirrel proof bird feeders, spraying animal repellents such as cayenne pepper mix, ultrasonic noisemakers, invisible fence or other garden pest control products.

    I'm not fortunate to have many deer that are in the area where I live but I have read that placing half a bar of a soap with a strong smell hung in cheesecloth near a plant (not above it though) helps to deter the deer. Also, something as simple as planting some herbs throughout the garden may help. Artemisia, dill, mint, oregano, thyme and yarrow are a few you might want to try.

  • Pruning tips - I have a separate page I made filled with pruning tips. Click hre to see it.





































  • USDA - database at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture with lots of reference material.





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