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Collectibles that include crystal figurines, music boxes, sports memorabilia and teddy bears can be found. Other items include collectible action figures, Barbie dolls, Kewpie dolls, Marie Osmond Dolls, cartoon character collectibles, Coca-cola collectibles, hard to find comic books, Disney collectibles, Elvis collectibles, historical memorabilia, military collectibles, movie, music and television collectibles, collectible nutcrackers, collector plates, pop culture collectibles, collectible postcards,  porcelain figurines, villages and other collectible items as well.

Do you have any collections? I collect small crystal figurines, music boxes, little boxes and tins and perfume and other small bottles. I also, have a button collection my Mom used to have as a little girl. Guess you can probably guess what else....teddy bears. People collect all types of things. Some people collect dolls. I have friends who collect Pez candy dispensers, coca-cola collectibles and dollhouse miniatures. If you collect something I haven't included, just let me know and I'll try to find it for you.

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Collectibles (All types) - action figure collectibles, angels, Barbies, Coca-cola collectibles, Christmas collectibles, collectible dolls, Disney and Elvis collectibles, collectible figurines, Gone with the Wind collectibles, historical memorabilia, military collectibles, movie, music and television memorabilia, collectible music boxes, porcelain figurines, nutcrackers and postcard, collector plates, sports collectibles, Star Wars collectibles, collectible teddy bears, collectible trains, collectible villages, wildlife collectibles and other collectibles

Art glass, ceramic, crystal and porcelain figurines - Boehm porcelain, MI Hummel figurines, Lenox hand-painted fine china figurines, Lenox collectible plates, Lenox fine china accented with 24 karat gold eggs, collectible porcelain dolls, collectible eggs, Roman Valencia glazed porcelain figurines, crystal paperweights, stoneware bowls, figurines and vases, snowglobes, collectible thimbles, Waterford crystal figurines, Wedgwood china collectibles and other collectibles.

Gold prospecting and rockhounding - classifiers, gold concentrates, gold pans, gold panning kits, gold prospecting books, gold prospecting maps, pry bars, rockhounding books, rockhounding maps, sluice boxes, glass vials, jeweler's loupes, metal detectors, snuffer bottles, lapidary equipment, scales and other gold prospecting equipment.

Music boxes - musical teddy bears, ballerina jewelry boxes, inlaid wooden musical boxes, musical keepsake boxes, musical jewelry boxes, musical porcelain figurines, musical resin figurines, musical trinket boxes and musical water globes

Sports collectibles - sports trading cards, autographed baseballs, baseball hats, basketballs, bats, boxing gloves, boxing trunks, footballs, golf balls, helmets, jerseys, photos, pucks, softballs, sticks and other autographed sports memorabilia

Teddy bears Boyd's bears teddy bears, Cherished Teddies teddy bears, Steiff teddy bears and other collectible teddy bears by teddy bear artists